• Mexican Create Secret “Gringo” Masks To Blend In

    May 6, 2010 10:28 pm 33 comments
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    Dear friends, I am currently hiding under my blanket in a undisclosed hotel room here in the city. I am not supposed to make outside contact due to my being a duty judge now, but I have discovered that my new cellar robot Droid phone has access to the interconnected world wide web (www). Neat. I can make secret communques and this one is urgent.

    It’s the Mexicans. As I talked to a fellow judge today, we both discussed how the Mexican on trial was guilty and then got to talking about the secret illegals who bring all their sick pervert diseases into our country: swine flu, bacteria, dirt language, drugs and so on. Filth!

    He informed me that the Mexicans are using a new sort of mask technique to make themselves look like us normal Americans. They call us normal people the “gringoes”, which means “normal” in Mexican.

    Please, if you notice a person’s face looks suspicious please ask them to rub it vigorously so as to do their duty in making sure we keep our nation illegal free, as the law says we are to do.

    Be warned all true Mexicans should be considered armed and/or dangerous, and they can also ran as fast as a roaches. It is our duty to cleanse America of them or they will spread twice as fast!

    I cannot go into details as I have to hide under my covers in case they have my room camera bugged and spied upon like Soviets do and this is taking long to write on my phone pad on these small buttons.

    Please review the following image media so as to see an example of the masks these Mexicans are using to trick us and try to walk as one of us Americans. Due to your duty to God and country by upholding the law and aprehending all Mexicans. Thank you.


    – Abe Goodman: Juty Duty at Law

    Image Evidence: Secret Masts Being Created by Mexicans

    Warning: True Mexicans should be considered armed and or dangerous. A bite from one may result in serious illnesses such as swine flu. Please call your local immigration services or police if you come across a specific herd of Mexicans.

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