• Mexican President Felipe Calderon Blasphemes In Face of America, Arizona

    May 21, 2010 1:24 am 8 comments
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  • The Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, had the nerve to come to our country and denounce Arizona for kicking all illegals out.

    Felipe Calderon stood on American soil and said foul words to all Americans, and yet was applauded by the traitor Barack Hussein Obama.

    Thank goodness our good friend Tyson Bowers III has given us ideas on how to exterminate vermin! What?

    Shock that I would say that, well, what do you call animals that are not welcome but keep reproducing and using all your resources against your will!

    Ronald Reagan said it best in 87 when he said, “Go home, Mexico.” He made a law so we can kick them back to their own bean scent lands, but not until now have we done what we should haev done ages ago. Kick out Mexico.

    This is America. If they do not stop sneaking into our country, then their president comes and dares talk down to us like we could not nuke Mexico off the planet, we have no choice but to invade.

    Mexico has nice oil and beaches that should be ours anyway, and we could use another state. We could kick Mexicans out and put them into a S.A. reservation. Bill O’Reilly has more on this subject and I agree with him 100%.

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