• Mexican Protests End In Natural Vandalism

    May 3, 2010 8:27 am 7 comments
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  • Over the weekend, Mexicans in Texas and New Mexico rioted and complained about how we finally have permission to kick them out. The Department of Homeland Security has developed flying robots, named Predators, that will help American citizens track down Mexicans and toss them back over the border, whence they came.

    Upon hearing this news, shocking droves of Mexicans took to the streets, at levels not seen since they were infected with swine flu and running about, no clue where their virus-laden brains demanded their feet and chomping teeth to go.

    After the swine flu scare and flu season was over, we noticed less visible Mexicans, indicating they went back into hiding from our Immigration Forces and citizen law mobs. Now, we see them back out en masse again and here is but only one image to show just how many of them rioted over the weekend.

    With so many illegals, you can only imagine the amount of crime and other dirty things present in just that crowd. AP reports:

    Calif. immigrants’ rights march ends in vandalism

    By JOHN S. MARSHALL (AP) – 11 hours ago

    SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Close to 20 businesses were damaged after what started as a peaceful immigrants’ rights march in downtown Santa Cruz turned violent, requiring police to call other agencies for help, authorities said.

    Police spokesman Zach Friend said an estimated 250 people started marching through the city around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

    It all started with just 250 Mexicans, but it ended in millions upon millions. This is very typical of how they breed and why Mexico is overloaded with nonworkers. The horror continues:

    Anarchy signs were spray-painted on some of the buildings.

    “They’re a group of people who seem to fancy themselves as revolutionaries, but what they really are are a group of morons,” Friend said.

    A fire was started in a coffee shop entryway but was extinguished once police cleared the way for firefighters, Friend said.

    Eighteen businesses were damaged, with the cost of repairs estimated at between $50,000 and $100,000. No injuries were reported.

    Once officers arrived from other agencies, police were able to restore order in about 20 minutes, Friend said.

    Mexican revolutionaries like Hugo Chavez and Che Guevara are dangerous. They spread communism into the minds of children and then murder all who oppose their totalitarian views. These facts are especially frightening for parents and Mexican revolutionaries love to attack your kids, recruit them into their armies or personal concubines, then burn down businesses and take control for their communist government.

    How sad that Barack Obama runs the government much like these Mexican rioters would see it: anarchy signs, coups and then communal dictation and forcing themselves upon the minds and bodies of our children.

    Let us continue to keep America safe and support our government in escorting the Mexicans out of America. President Ronald Reagan started the initiative, now let’s make one of mankind’s greatest leaders proud as he stares down from heaven, seeing a Trail of tearful Mexicans cry as their plans for messing up America are ruined and they are required to return to their malo country that they’ve already used up.

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