• Mexicans Riot, Protest Our New Get Out Laws

    May 2, 2010 12:01 am 9 comments
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  • Today Texas and Arizona approved laws that allow us to round up any suspicious Mexicans for Immigration Services. We can now screen them and hopefully kick them out of our country to the wastelands from where they come. This is more proof why profiling works.

    Naturally, the aliens were upset by the new laws and decided to sneak out from their little illegal hovels and riot, as if they have the right to protest in our country as is. Here was the scene in North Texas today:

    Mexicans do not belong in America.  That is why they are called ‘Mexicans’ and we are called ‘American’.  This county is for people named Americans, that is why God ordained it for us. America literally means from its ancient etymology, ‘the people of God’.

    Sure, people from all the lesser countries can become grade B American by taking the proper tests and measures.  We can do that and that is fine.  What is not fine is sneaking into our God ordained land and bringing your dirt language, customs, swine disease and drugs like Mexicans do to our country.

    America needs no more poor. We have enough minorities and such. We can always use more doctors though, which if you notice never really tend to have Mexican names but usually Indian or Chinese.

    Mexicans just really are not needed here and especially when they are illegal, so these laws are good. We need to nicely get the Mexicans and whatever family litters they may have bore here, then kindly remove them from our land. America is a land of law, that’s why our country works and there’s does not.

    Hopefully if they keep rioting, they will just tear gas them and mass ship them back to where they belong.

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