• Miley Cyrus Caught Giving Lap Dance to 44 Year-Old Adam Shankman: Video Exclusive

    May 12, 2010 2:41 pm 26 comments
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  • For the hearts of the wicked shall revel in corrupting the innocent, therefore shall a Christian be responsible to protect every child.
    – Miriam Gould

    After finishing theological seminary, the words of my late mother were not to sing praises of congratulations, but rather to task me with responsibility for life.

    One lesson I remember dearly is stemmed in the quote above, one that reflected her calling for life: child services. My mother was a social worker, a good one at that, who saw for the safety of children from broken homes and those who were lead into corruption in life.

    As a youth leader, every day I encounter young men and women from various walks of life, with various stories of upbringing and outlook. In my volunteer work with children in the legal system, it is more of the same, though markedly more traumatic for the young individuals.

    One thing I’ve found us Christian leaders to overlook, however, is the well-being of young adults and kids who may seem to ‘have it all’. We may take a cursory glance at troubled Hollywood celebrities, for instance, and condemn the choices they make, but never take time to look deep into their lives: why are they being lead into these choices, and who is really looking out for them?

    I bring these points up today due to a video that I almost hate to have to even share with you. In it, we see a young Hollywood singer named Miley Cyrus. When this video was created, she was purportedly only 16-years-old. In this video, the 16-year-old Miley Cyrus gives a lap dance — a sexualized dance designed to rub a females erogenous zones against a man’s genitalia — to a 44-year-old man.

    By the nature of the dance, they both received sexual stimulation from it, so therefore at 16-years-old we see Miley Cyrus has entered into fornication with an adult male; it is all caught on tape.

    My heart is very saddened and Miley Cyrus is still only seventeen years old. I fear that due to being lured into such things at such an early part in her life, that Miley Cyrus will enter the cycle of doing lewd acts and creating “sex tapes” or worse as she gets older. This is very tragic and hopefully there is a way to intercede into this young lady’s life to prevent such things.

    Here is the tape for your review: Miley Cyrus giving a lap dance to a 44-year-old man. Let us pray for this young woman, that we can help save her from this lifestyle and path, and those who are responsible for these things get a severe punish from our Lord and Savior.

    Due to the nature of this video, please ensure that your children are not present at the time of review.

    – Pastor Jack

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