• NAZI Justin Bieber Recruits Outside Hot Topic Store

    May 2, 2010 2:08 am 35 comments
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  • As we warned several days ago, there is a new threat to teen girls and now boys nation wide: Justin Bieber.

    Our friend Abe Goodman revealed how Bieber is conspiring with Hollywood executives and marketers to exploit children with sex and urban violence. They are tempting our children to do unnatural things with their bodies, and as a parent, this is very frigthening news.

    New insider reports show that Justin Bieber is also a NAZI, as detailed in the following picture.

    Apparently, Justin Bieber has become part of a socialist NAZI movement and is working with reknowned grassroot socialists such as Dustin Dahm and Gerret Franz, both allegedly members of the new NAZI party that is taking hold of America. How scary to know that Justin Bieber and Hot Topic have become new tools for socialist NAZIs in America. They represent Satan and are trying to ally your children with him, as warned.

    As seen above, the reach of Bieber has been enhanced by Satan. The crowd of young girls and potentially mentally disturbed homosexual boys who have been wooed by Bieber’s effiminate voice are standing in awe as Justin gives them a Hail Hitler salute. This is very scary and the very thing the Greatest Generation of our country fought against in World War 2.

    The scariest part of this is knowing that Hot Topic is supporting NAZIs. We see the picture evidence up above and we also know Hot Topic has gays shopping there more frequently. Dallas Munsfeld’s report on the “emo” culture, that is boys who wear tight purple pants and homosexual support shirts, have started a trend of attacking children with gay sex in dressing room of these stores. It is a major problem that starts in high school classes and spreads through malls nationwide after school.

    Judging by the fact that these shirts are actually seen in Hot Topic, along with the clients, we can only say this store is a grave danger to all who shop there. It was scary enough when they only had the spiked gates and dark clothes, but now we find they have a NAZI/sexual exploitation angle.

    Since this store is growing in popularity among young children, we will continue to investigate this threat to America and local-color accounts that we run across.

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