• Obama Hires A Transgenic Women As New Supreme Court Justice

    May 10, 2010 11:41 pm 13 comments
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    Barack Hussein Obama has gone over the line and destroyed the Constitution of America! He has hired a transgenic gay woman to be the new Supreme Court Justice!

    My anger is riled! How did we ever get to this point, my friends? America was founded as a Christian nation under the wisdom of God’s word.

    As if it is not already bad enough that we’ve had liberals and women corrupting the laws of our courts, now we even have gays on the court and violating our AMERICAN Constitution.

    As I am now a legal expert, I can see Obama’s ploy and why he hired this trangenic who is only 50. Supreme Court justices are elected to serve for life. This trans will probably serve a good 40 years and bring all sorts of sick homod shame into the hallowed walls of our Supreme Court.

    If I had enough legal power as a jury duty at law, I would overrule Obama’s sick joke justice and judge them all as guilty! I’d punish them to a life of hard labor and chains for free!

    But my legal power is usurped by Obama’s presidency and the Supreme Court, so I encourage you today to join me in appealing to the highest court in America: Gpd’s court.

    God sees what Obama is doing and we can always approach his bench by getting on bended knees and lifting holy hands as we pray: pray for no more gays in our politics or our Supreme Court. Pray no more Obama because he gets impeached or defeated in 2012!

    God hears the prayers of the righteous and they shall avail much. We must clean the liberal scum from our lands, so let us appeal to God’s court today to block this himsher from destroying America. Amen.


    Abe Goodman: Jury Duty at Law

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