• Oil Covered Dolphin Gasps for Last Breath While Obama Goes on Vacation

    May 29, 2010 8:30 am 14 comments
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    This is a precious dolphin, gasping its last breaths as oil has drenched its once healthy body. The oil of BP Corporation, a pet company of Obama’s, is to blame.

    Obama is covering for BP because they line his coffers. As millions of innocent animals — such as the image of the dolphin above that is bringing tears to your eyes — die and gasp for their last breaths through oil drenched lungs and mouths, Obama is in Illinois laughing it up with his buddies and feasting on duck and caviar with his high dollar family.

    Why does Obama hate America? Here we have our creatures suffering, and instead of going down to the gulf coast to apologize for this mess he has helped to create and try to rescue all these poor animals that are suffering and then falling to an agonizing death of suffocation, he is instead playing golf on the most exclusive golf courses.

    Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein. It is no wonder, because his heart is as dry, arid and harsh as a burning Arabian desert.

    If President Bush were in office, this never would have happened. He would have never sold us out to BP oil or let these animals suffer in such a way. If such disaster did strike, he would have rolled up his sleeves and been down in the mess, in the front lines.

    President George W. Bush even took time to regularly rehabilitate and nurture injured animals, so they could return to the wild. He helped reset this owl’s wing and in his spare time, raised it from being a young bird and up until the point it could return to the wild.

    Do not let this poor dolphin’s life be for naught. When 2012 comes around and Obama uses his family to make it look like he has a heart and is a good family man, remember his true heart and how he can go and party while poor dolphins are suffocated by mounds of thick, crude oil.

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