• Parents of 7-Year-Old Girls Who Do Slutty Single Ladies Dance Say “Nothing Provocative”

    May 15, 2010 9:55 pm 10 comments
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  • Quick show of hands? How many of you parents out there would allow your seven-year-old daughter to climb onto a stage, in Vegas, and begin sexual dancing for an audience of over 2 million people?

    Mind you, the girl is talented and can gyrate her body just as well as Beyonce Knowles or 90s Britney Spears. She is adorned in underwear and a midriff. That’s all. She’s 7.

    Unless you’re a sick, delusional parent who does not see this as wrong, you will say “Hell no!”

    ChristWire Digital Media: Parents, Teacher of Seven-Year-Old ‘Single Ladies’ Dance Girl Try to Say Dance “Not Provocative”

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    Yet, the parents of the 7-year-old girls who are admittedly talented, but dressed like Vegas showgirls and gyrated on stage for a competition (and a video that is now nearing 3 million views on YouTube), are trying to defend the clothing choice and style of dance their daughters were doing.

    No one is saying the girls are not talented; they are.

    The problem is that the video bordered on child pornography. The outfits were red satin, black lace and see-through.

    This is meant to evoke thoughts of sexiness, to entice the sexual palate of men.

    This should have no place near a sever-year-old.

    Psychologists would note that any pedophile seeing this thing would be super-charged and want to act on their urges. As a society, we should avoid these type of things. We are to protect our children; not train them to move their body in sexual ways, like a stripper. If the parents are living vicariously through these girls, shame on them.

    If a fully grown woman came up to any, dressed in this outfit, and doing such a dance, thoughts of sex would cross the mind. It is what the dance and outfit are designed to do.

    So the problem is that these girls are dancing like a porn star, but are seven-years-old. This is a feast for deranged people in our society, and even worse, teaches this girls about sexaulization at too far young an age. There is nothing right about this dance routine or their outfits.

    I think a message needs to be sent. Social services need to look into the lives of the girls at home. This performance verges on pedophilia in my opinion, and the girls are being exploited. Sure, they are good dancers but the dance was too mature for their age. The pageant should not allow such performances as a routine.

    We have to draw a line in society. Children have no place being sexualized. Save the “innocent competition” arguments, as clearly there is a larger issue going on here. This is a societal issue and in the context of this situation, the girls are doing a dance that is designed to be sexy and are wearing clothing that matches the dance. This is not like wearing a bathing suit on the beach or dancing at home.

    This is allowing your seven-year-old daughter to be sexualized and then viewed by millions of people worldwide. It is girls being dressed like hookers and thrusting their hips, grinding their crotches into the air for now almost 3 million people to see.

    It shouldn’t matter the size of the crowd: 30 or 3 million. It is never appropriate and verges on criminal child exploitation. Share your opinion on it in the poll. My opinion: it is sick and the parents, dance teacher and those who do not find this offensive are very ignorant and have a poor grasp on how to appropriately and safely raise children in today’s world.

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