• Paris Hilton, Drug Deals Make Fun of Lindsay Lohan

    May 7, 2010 9:30 pm 3 comments
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    Lindsay Lohan used to be a great actress who was supported by God. She had a nice career and made good family movies. Then, one day, she decided to invite Satan into her life by sniffing drugs with a black she met in a parking lot.

    Now she has fallen so low, that at a recent Hollywood Hills party Paris Hilton and a drug dealer made for of her. Mike Walker reports:

    Said my spywitness: “Its become fashionable to make fun of Lindsay because she’s a train-wreck right now. If she enters a room, it’s open season — and that’s how it went down. Paris was with a creep she hangs with — aka ‘the coke dealer to the stars’ — and was in a nasty mood. She’s a mess lately, out partying every night since her breakup with Doug Reinhardt. Actually, Paris is out of control herself, but she’s better than Lindsay at hiding it.” When Lindsay arrived at Adrian’s house, the bullies pounced! Paris whispered to her [drug dealer friend], and he started firing insults like: “OH, LOOK!…HERE COMES DRUGGIE GIRL!” Said the source: “Paris laughed, egged him on. They ragged Lindsay until she fled to the restroom — and locked herself in!” Like wolves on a rabbit, Pairs and her friend “began pounding on the door, taunting Lindsay — asking if she was ‘okay in there’? … and, ‘Do you need anything?…Snort once for yes, twice for no!’ Cruel, sarcastic crap like that.”

    How sad that Lindsay Lohan is now being chased and teased by drug dealers and Paris Hilton. What a sad, empty life. See what happens when you do drugs?

    All we can do is continue to pray for Lindsay Lohan and hope that her life turns back around.

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