• President Hussein Obama Says Curse Word, “Plug the Da** Hole”

    May 25, 2010 10:04 pm 15 comments
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  • Hussein Obama has proven once more he has no close and is an inept leader. Now already an entire month ago, his poor oversight allowed the great oil spill that is destroying precious wildlife in our nation’s gulf coast.

    Look at the destruction and Obama is responsible for it. Your heart is heavy, angry and in shock after viewing what Obama has done.

    It almost looks like a bit of hell shooting from even Earth’s great oceans. These oils and fires are killing precious creatures: baby dolphins, innocent ducks and the fish of the sea.

    These oils and fires are destroying jobs and threaten to even reach inland, where it will destroy the lives of millions more Americans. Who voted this man into office, and really, who can afford to make the same mistake twice in 2012? This picture could be your home and Obama would be responsible.

    The oil spill is the size of Delaware. Delaware. Look at the ocean, gasping for life as Obama has a stranglehold on it, through his corrupt policies and backroom deals with oil companies.

    Obama did his best to censor the press and keep them from bringing images and live video to us. He blocked our nation’s top researchers from looking at the damage, so he could bide more time to build up a mound of dirty lies to cover his hand in this mess.

    Obama even suffers the innocent. Here we see an innocent bird, just one of millions of victims of Obama’s oil spill. Look at its life being drained away. Reports indicate this poor bird, like many others, did not make it and died from overdosing on oil, the oil which leaked slowly out from its bill and eyes as it cried and tried to let out one last chirp, perhaps a last cry to its nervous hatchlings looking for their mommy as they float on an oily grave.

    Ring of booms. That is what they call the destruction you see around this island. The oil is even covering land, there is so much of it. Horrible.

    Here we see a once great bald eagle, being held by a researcher. It would not surprise anyone if Obama squealed with delight and pleasure upon seeing this one, as his policies seem to all be aimed at bringing the downfall of America while building up nations like Iran and Palestine (suspiciously Muslim nations).

    An oil stained crab. No one is left unharmed by this tragedy.

    Now please take the following in reflective silence. You can tell by their suits that much death is present, and you can see the death birds doing their flying ritual over wasted lands, lands that once were the most pristine in America.

    All Obama can say after causing all this destruction is “Plug the damn hole!” to his staff today, and even then, we know he’s just covering for his bed buddies at BP Oil

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