• Scientists Create A Man Without A Heartbeat or A Pulse (HeartWare Technology)

    May 20, 2010 3:26 am 22 comments
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  • Scientists are once again trying to play God. They have now created a man who is without a heartbeat or a pulse. It is natural. It is not right!

    When God created mankind, he created a heart within him so that it could be filled with Christ’s love and also nourish the body.

    God created within every human a heart and we need it to live, so that God’s blood, may flow through the body and deliver important things such as oxygen-rich hemoglobin (oxygen binds to the heme portion in the lungs, another of God’s creation), cells of the immune system and even platelets to close wounds. Marvelous creation!

    Now scientists are trying to give a way for all this to be bypasssed my friends. Behold their new contraption that will allow men to remove their hearts and replace it with a cold machine.

    Behold, an abomination.

    Sure I realize that it can benefit people with bad hearts, but what is the cost to our morality? Where will we draw the line?

    This story begins with a man in New York. He has lived without a pulse or heartbeat since last fall, thanks to the contraption I have made pictured for you all to see.

    Every year, over 300,000 Americans are suffered to be afflicted with death from heart failure, the result of myocardial infarction.

    The man who is our subject today, Richard French, is among the first to be outfitted with this experimental heart technology.

    About a year ago, French woke up in a hospital ER and had suffered a massive heart attack. His heart was barely functioning.

    “To be honest, I don’t remember a whole lot,” French says.

    Even the best medications did not give French much of a chance, so he enrolled in experimental trials as a last-second ditch effort. The trials were being conducted through Montefiore Medical Center.

    The experimental device he was to be outfited with is called HeartWare.

    The device is still in a primitive state, where it cannot be used for more than several months at time.

    But, in time, it is meant to give anyone suffering from a heart condition a permanent solution.

    Now I may sound heartless for having concerns here, but honestly, when do we draw the line in replacing body parts with things that are not even human.

    While this is surely better than cloning, it is still defiling the natural order of humanity. We should not be allowed to completely replace organs with electronic parts. What if the day comes when we can electronically replace a person’s brain or twiddles?

    Think of the confusion when you can reprogram a person with a new brain,or someone tries to become an eternal and just switch out brains when the other becomes rusty? What if someone decides to get no twiddles down there and inserts random DNA in there, then attacks someone and you cannot tell who did it?

    These are the concerns we enter into if we allow people to start using robotic body parts, so it is all or nothing. Sadly, I think though this technology could save 300,000 lives a year, it could also destroy the quality of life for a planet of billions. So as a jury duty I veto this technology and I beseech you, my fellow court goers, to protest this technology and encourage a lobby against it.

    God made humans to have to suffer at times and we have no permission to just totally replace body parts with that of a machine.

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