• Shapeshifting Fiend, Lady Gaga, on The Move!

    May 7, 2010 10:04 pm 13 comments
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  • My fellow comrads

    The shapeshifting fiend, Lady Gaga, has been on the move! A recent video of her at one of her concerts can reveal much of her imperfections and also quite a bit of controversy! She starts out by trying to take the forms of “GOTH” and then “SLUT”. She has further imperfections of shapeshifting and covering her tracks by hiring homosexual dancers to make her stand out even more! Here’s the version that appeared on “American Idol” — it begins with a slow version of Gaga’s hit “Bad Romance” and then segues into “Alejandro”:

    On Wednesday night, “American Idol” aired nearly five minutes of Gaga’s pre-taped performance of her latest single “Alejandro,” complete with a grand finale that involved Gaga posing under a dripping statue of a burning angel.

    I will keep a strong and monitoring eye on this shapeshifter. Until then, my comrads, keep your eyes out on her and do not be fooled by her shapeshifting abilities as they are imperfect in every way possible.

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