• Sixth Grade Child Uses Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber Techniques to Remove Panties from School Girl Children

    May 11, 2010 3:50 pm 52 comments
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  • Sick! I warned all of you that Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are leading our children into fornication! I let it be known, “parents, ban this Lady Gaga from your homes.” I says, “Parents, ban Justin Bieber from your child’s tape players worldwide!”

    But no, you didn’t listen. You refused even after I told you about how Bieber is conspiring with black rappers who know how to make young girls into baby mothers when they are only 11 and 12!

    Justin Bieber sells NAZI shirts at HOT TOPIC and now is involved in gang wars, yet you let your sons and daughters still listen to him and the gay transgenic “Lady Gaga”.

    I’m disgusted by all you irresponsible parents out there. Now look at what you have created. This sixth grade boy is wooing an entire stadium full of young school girl childrens. He is making them think fornicated thoughts about blacks twiddler rompus’ and mouth acts upon flesh.

    Parents, we must ban our children from these sick things. We must ban boys from Justin Bieber haircuts and we must refuse to allow Lady Gaga’s effiminate voice to be copied in music. It is confusing our daughters and making them do unnatural things, and boys who are under the influence of sin are using this to their advantage to do Satan’s will of fornicating our daughters with Lady Gaga and Bieber music. Warning: The following video contains a Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber copycat who is using Satan’s music techniques to woo young children. Please immediately pray and dictate to your woman/children it is time to leave the room before reviewing for your local parenting council.

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