• Swim Home and Get Out of My Country, Mexicans

    May 18, 2010 10:34 am 9 comments
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  • The Mexicans need to get out of our country. They sneak here and bring all sort of 3rd world crime and disease with them. They litter our nation with their children who get to be American by technicality, which just overburdens our economy because the parents can’t work real jobs.

    Mexicans do things like cut grass, graveyard shift maintenance and annoy you when you’re on vacation and they try to get you to buy a rose at the corner. Or they just rob you with knives.

    It is time for us to follow the law of America. We have a presidential order by our Christian leader and Heavenly Ordained Angel President Ronald Reagan. Reagan said for us to round up every illegal and kick them out of our country, and they can take their children with them. Get out of here.

    But liberals have fought it up until now, and look what we have. Wanton violence, low employment rate, weak military, vulnerable to terror attacks and a falling economy. Obamacare is legal and there were over 30 dozen food recalls last year due to ‘factory contamination’ (read illegal immigrants touching food without being sanitzed first).

    America was founded for Americans and people we approve; it says so on the statue of liberty and nowhere does it say Mexicans. They tried to destroy Texas and killed many innocents.

    So let us watch the following video with support and glee. Swim back to your own country Mexicans because America has had enough.

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