• UK Scientists Turn Gay Women into a Mankind! Boffins Baffled!

    May 7, 2010 4:45 pm 10 comments
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  • Today scientists have done the unthinkable. They have converted a woman into a man and God is angry. They have somehow managed to, receive engineer the woman’s XX genes and then make it so that she sickly displays XY!

    She has it all! No milksacks, they gone! Look at her burliness, a lumber man genes! A bet she even has a missing rib from whence a women come! I am sickened and outraged, woman is supposed to give birth to babies not have a satan scepter created by evolved science experiments.

    I could only wish this was 800 years ago, as I could round up armies to wage war on all these convert transgenics! Transgenic science is what we are dealing with here my friends. It has long plagued mankind and now is letting women turn into false men.

    Reports show that this “man” used to be the daughter of popular culture singer Cher, who gave her daughter a moral name Chastity but now has changed names to sin Chaz Bono and looks like this.

    If you did not know, you could not even tell that this is really a womans. I am so upset right now and am heaving under my hotel blanket as I report this urgent news unto you.

    Friends, we are truly living in cruel days, evil hours. Science can now turn a women into men and God is so sad of what man is doing with knowledge. It’s no wonder that all sinners are going to burn so hot in hell for all eternity.

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