• Watch 24 Series Finale Online Now, Day (Day 8, 3pm – 4pm, Season 8 Episode 24)

    May 25, 2010 1:21 pm 10 comments
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  • 24 is one of the greatest television shows of all time. It is about a true American named Jack Bauer who refused to be bullied by the liberal federal government and all the welfare countries like Russia, China and the Muslims who hate us because of our freedom.

    Jack Bauer will bring justice to anyone: terrorists, commies, and even corrupt presidents. In one scene several years ago, Jack Bauer also took time to pray to God because he knows our nation was founded as Christian and that is what our Constitution is based upon. The Bible.

    The series finale to this show was very beautiful and emotional. Jack Bauer destroyed a Russian/liberal agenda to cover-up the assassination of a rare Muslim who actually wanted true peace. He stopped at nothing to get justice and freedom as the Constitution gives us all a right to do if the federal government steps over the line and we catch them!

    In the final episode, Jack Bauer braves explosions, gun shot wounds, a communist knife to the ribs and sends to hell at least 50 commies and corrupt politicians. He then uses inspired words to make the Madam President of America find morality and Christ in her heart, and repent of her sins.

    He then tells everyone goodbye and you can’t help but cry at what this true patriot and American has done for his country. Here is the season finale and please gather the entire family around to enjoy. I give this episode to thumbs up and God does too.

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