• What Women Want

    May 24, 2010 8:22 am 32 comments
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  • There was a movie, a few years ago, named What Women Want. It was a Mel Gibson flick that was supposed to be a look into the ‘mysterious and complex’ psyche of a woman, to reveal to everyone what they want.

    Friends, believe me, the ‘psyche’ of a woman is anything but complex. Any casual reader of the Bible should know what women want within only several pages of reading: forbidden fruit and the glittery enticement offered by Satan or any guy with a Swiss bank account.

    The daughters of Eve are enticed by two things: greed and lust. Observe:

    Jenna Bentley Is In Love

    I rest my case.

    The gentleman is apparently a billionaire, and the woman, a Playboy house pet. Cute.

    At the dawn of mankind, God created Adam to rule over Earth. God gave man natural dominion. Adam, perhaps foolishly, desired a mate. God does not approve of two men frolicking about naked in any condition, so therefore, he created Eve to appease Adam’s desire. Simple to follow so far.

    The problem is that women are fickle, perhaps inherent to being created second and not as complete as mankind. Eve was immediately lead into sin by Satan, a thieving snake who, mind you, was out in a secluded garden, alone, with a naked Eve and whispering sinful thoughts into your ear.

    Satan tempted Eve to eat forbidden fruit, and frankly, I would not be surprised to learn that he didn’t lead Eve into any sort of ‘other’ sins. Somehow along the way, Eve taught Adam about nudity and it’s not like they had the discovery channel.

    Academic notions and debate aside, what women want is purely simple: the bait of Satan. Satan knows what bait to cast at women and this is why the Bible gives man such fervent authority to rule his family. The pictures above only further solidify the point.

    Woman are lead into sin by various forms of greed. Feminists simply want attention. They are attention whores.

    So are the majority of college girls. Why have they resorted to vajazzling their whispering eyes? The world wants an answer, and guess what, it is found in Genesis. Or, just take twenty steps in any mall and you’ll see it all around you.

    Why do girls wear pants that advertise “Juicy” on the butt-cheeks. Why do they expose their midriffs and bared breasts at college parties? It is certainly not to help men focus on study groups or to invite everyone over for ice cream and trivial pursuit.

    At any rate, I am sitting in an airport and getting ready to take off, but guess what, a woman just asked to fly next to me, because, and I quote, “Hey I’m in fashion and I like your Armani suit. It fits you really, really nicely (pause). We should sit next to each other”. I guess that’s what happens when you go cheap-o with SouthWest: in Los Angeles, apparently, your suit is your girl magnet.

    Women. Fickle.

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