• Winnie Cooper Not So Innocent, Danica McKellar Strips Naked for Maxim

    May 13, 2010 4:02 pm 17 comments
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  • I remember a moral show that was called The Wonder Years. It was about a moral young man named Kevin Arnold and his best friend Simon.

    The times were innocent back then. The schools were pure and filtered, boys focused on their studies and girls about their futures at home. Sure, there were racy moments but nothing that could not be explained at family dinner. The show was good and the father on the show was a true American.

    There was also a good girl on the show named Winnie Cooper. Kevin Arnold had a puppy love crush for her. He took her to the school dance (with a chaperon) and once gave her a tiny kiss on the cheek. These moments were racy but again, not too bad and done in innocence.

    Well too bad that when we turn off memory lane and get to today to see where are they know, we see WINNIE COOPER DOING DEVLWHORE PHOTOSHOOT FOR MAXIM!

    I am disgusted! I had such high hopes for this girl and now we see she is just uncovering her legs for a living! She played a smart girl on the show but we should haves known better. A girl in Hollywood just uses the camera to expose their flesh to make a living! Sick!

    So goes the legacy of the Wonder Years. I would have bought the box set of this in DVD for my grandchildren but I would have to explain to them to understand that the Winnie girl on their is a veil lie! She likes to expose herself now and try to look innocent in the past!

    These pictures have made me angry! Child innocence is lost and there is nothing good for our kids to watch. I’m calling my children to tell them about this too because I feel guitly for letting them watch this show as kids. Filthy Winnie! Warning: The following image media contains pornographic shots of Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) from a Maxim photoshoot. Immediately order any women/children from the room and then pray before reviewing for your parenting council. This is for archiving more proof of how Hollywood corrupts young women.

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