• Barack Hussein Obama Was in “Whoomp There It Is” Rap Video

    June 7, 2010 10:01 am 20 comments
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  • As you may have guessed, I do not like Barack Hussein Obama. I have nothing against him personally, but I just do not like him in the White House and assuming the title of “president”, when he is not even American and not committed to fighting terror.

    Obama tried to use the “Christian” card and the “American Black” card to get in office, when he is neither. Obama’s middle name is Hussein and he was raised by his white grandmother, though he sold out her importance and his white heritage in efforts to get the black vote.

    Obama is manipulative and uses deceptive rhetoric to make everything look like he wants it too. Obama tried to spin his use of cocaine as a way of connecting to black youths in the hood. Obama tried to claim other than that, his past was squeaky clean and his heart pure.

    If it was so pure, why have I now found video evidence that Obama used to dance around in rap videos with gangster rappers? I have proof and evidence that as a young teen, Obama was just another gang-banger.

    He must have had to quell his primal nature with such antics, because his sweet grandmother who groomed him to be Harvard worthy would not have condoned such things.

    The video I have found him to be in is called “Whoomp There It Is”. It comes from an era of black rap videos known as “Gangster Rap” where gang members started using tv to entice more kids to try out their lifestyle and buy their cds for more drug money. To think Obama was part of this process is beyond disgusting.

    Let us first take a look at the video in question. Please use appropriate measures in assuring this video and its sound remains censored from your family, so they do not become corrupted.

    Very interesting, yet sick. Let us now take a slow-motion replay of a certain segment of this video. Tell me who is the smiling black you see in the image below?’

    Caught ya! It is Barack Hussein Obama. There is no mistaking that watermelon grin and weighted chin. Obama is there smiling at you, from a gangster rap video.  On his fingers, he is even wearing some stolen ‘blinga-blinga’ as what they call it.

    Obama is a veiled wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Let us look at and interpret the lyrics of Obama’s rap video:

    Whoomp There It Is

    Party people
    Tag Team Music
    In full effect
    That’s me DC (A potential Satanic prophecy given to Obama, showing where he would be if he kept up his work of veiling himself as a double agent {{Obama may be sleeper agent for soviets or even worse terrorists}})
    That reigns supreme
    And my man Steve Rollin
    We’re getting the flow (We’re getting the flow)
    And it goes a lil sumpin like this

    Tag team back again
    Check into wreckin (drug innuendo)
    Let’s begin
    Party on party people let me hear some noise DC’s in the house jump jump rejoice (Again, another Satan prediction)
    Says there’s a party over here a party over there (Obama keeps throwing parties in the White House, while America suffers from a broken economy and drowning in British oil spills)
    Wave your hands in the air, shake your derrière (That is french for one’s backside, and Obama wants people to shake it in sexual manners.)
    These three words when you’re getting busy (“Getting Busy” is black euphemism for having sexuals).
    Whoomp There it is hit me

    Up side down, and inside out
    I’m about to show you folks what it’s all about
    Now its time for a nigga to get on the mic (Reverse racism, if I try to say that word then everyone would make a big deal. If Obama uses it, it is just swept under the rug. Obama wants whites to sing this song so he can accuse us of being racist.)
    And make this m*ther fucking party hype (cuss words)
    I’m takin it back to the old school
    Cuz I’m a old fool
    Whose sooo cool
    If ya want to get down, imma show you the way
    Whoomp there it is, let me hear you say.

    Point blank, Gin and Juice I’m drinkin
    ?????as i puff on dank (Reference to mixing alcohol and the addictive drug marijuana)
    Rock the mic
    Uh Oh I crave skin
    ???? Find a hunny to dip it in (A reference to a male dipping his genitalia into a woman’s genitalia)
    Slam dunk it, stink it, flip it and ride it that B double O T Y oh my
    Ohhh that’s it, come on come on
    Whoomp there it is… IM DONE (The song writer describes anal sex with a woman)

    Some say I’m crazy cuz I’m pushin up daisies
    The underground sound that I found is
    Amazing, outstanding, demanding, commanding, you people dancing
    That’s a breath taker, I produce a second, the under taker
    You wanna come down to the under ground, old school, heres the shovel,
    Can you dig it fool! (Nonsense lyrics that are really without substance, the last stanza about forcing a woman to have anal sex is what the songwriter really cared about)

    W H double O M P as I flow,
    To the school of old, hardcore, keep the folklore wreck
    3 to the 2 and 1 mic check
    Mad skill, blow ill, I’m the mess of steel
    That’s grill of the microphone I just killed
    Party people is the party tag team is through
    Whoop there it is, I thought you knew

    So there you have it. It is a really sick song and so many youths listened to it that it was number one in music charts for weeks on weeks. How many youths tried dangerous things like marijuana, gin whiskey, gang membership and even forcing girls to have anal sex due to this song?

    And while all this was happening, Obama just grinned like he received a sweet potato pie and a bucket of chicken, and laughed all the way to Harvard and into our White House under false pretenses.

    This video is just another reason why we need Obama out in 2012. He is literally mocking America and chuckling himself to sleep at night because he has pulled the wool over so many people’s eyes. Wake up, America. This man is a terror supporting, baby killing apologist who is taking our Christian nation to a dangerous place, with a socialist economy. Let’s get him out and exclaim Whoomp there it is when we show him the number of votes against him in 2012!

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