• Chinese Now Cloning Tiger Puppies

    June 14, 2010 8:51 am 12 comments
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    Take a good, long look. Look at it! It is a tiger puppy created by Chinese scientists.

    Last week I warned everyone about China’s latest sin, splicing the genome of a noble puppy dog with a lowly Tiger cat! I hope these Chinase know that God has no problem, splicing the soul of a sinner with the flaming fires of hell for all time!

    No where in the Bible does it give man the right to tinker with the genetic code. God created these secret patterns years ago and has set them to uniquely blend over time, not be perverted by the hand of mankind!

    They always say China is a sleeping dragon, but China better beware of the greatest dragon downer of all time, God! With just a thought, cast the old serpent dragon Satan into hell!

    With just a yawn and flick of his wrist, he can do the same to all of China! Repent Chinese and stop the pervert genetics before it is too late. This animal is abomination.

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