• Chinese Scientists Create Bionic Cat

    June 25, 2010 2:13 pm 36 comments
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    China is a country of burgeoning doom and despair. A vile creature of lore that bides its time before arising again to attack all things innocent in its dread path of torment and destruction.

    As any sensible person, I am extremely terrified of Chinese people. This feeling does not make you racist but rather, perceptive to the menacing threat that is represented by the antics of this communist nation.

    China’s true goal is world domination, and their latest endeavor to realizing that end is the creation of bionic animals.

    The latest creature created by the crafty hands of Chinese scientists is a cyborg cat. The cat has been implanted with bionic legs, which gives it the strength and agility of 20 cats stacked. Insider reports also have found evidence that Chinese scientists have devised a way to control the actions of the cat, making it an unsuspecting soldier with unprecedented strength, stealth and jumping ability.

    The random cat you see in the ally could be a conscripted soldier in the People’s Communist Army of China. The following surveillance footage was taken in a Chinese staging ground, where they allegedly run these cats through war games of breaking into the homes of civilian Americans.

    In this trial, it appears they have a cat breaking into a mock site made to look like a normal American kitchen or restroom.

    There is now way we can fight against this technology without calling for the extermination of every cat in America. If this threat turns out to be real, it would require such action for our safety.

    The situation the Chinese would create by sneaking their new soldiers here, or having their sleeper agents create bionic China cats, is a catch-22. If we order the euthanization of all cats, we will be safe from another Chinese threat. The flip-side is that other vermin, such as mice and rats, would see a sharp increase as they loose a predator.

    This leaves the only other option as a declaration of war upon China should we see an increase in cat violence versus Americans. We now know the source and Chinese scientists must know we are onto their latest agenda.

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