• Chinese Scientists Create Tiger Dog

    June 12, 2010 3:31 am 38 comments
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    It is no wonder our good friend Amber Cooper wrote the article, I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I am not racist.

    The Chinese represent a people who have knowledge even almost unto an American, but have no faith or morality to show them how to properly use it. This is dangerous.

    Just like their cousins over in Japan, the Chinese continually show a lack of morals. They show that in their hearts, there is no real collective sense of Christ. No morals.

    So when you know that there are scientists in China with knowledge of genetics, you know nothing good can come of it.

    Genetics is a new field of science, where its participants use it to play with our genetic code and try to prove evolution, all while trying to play God. There is only one God and he lives far above in heaven! He is not a scientist that is a man, but he is God and God alone!

    So these Chinese are already subverting the authority of God by their design, and just like with the Tower of Babel, all works of genetics are corrupt and wicked. The genome of a creature should be left how God wants it, not tinkered upon by the errant hand of mankind!

    I am so sick today with the Chinese. Their genetic scientists have taken the most noble creature on Earth, a dog, and make it mix with a lowly Tiger. A cat.

    Behold what these Chinese have created!

    I wish I was only there with my hunting rifle, because I would shoot repeatedly until this poor vermin was out of its misery. Sicko China and hopefully we can file some animal rights violations against them for suffering these creatures.

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