• Demonic Cat Caught on Camera (Picture Evidence)

    June 1, 2010 6:28 pm 25 comments
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    My friends, for years now I have warned everyone we need to exterminate cats. Cats are evil and of Satan.

    Liberal cat-lovers out there will try to defend this vile vermin. They will try to claim all animals on Earth were created by God and therefore, I have no room to say cats are evil unless I’m a hypocrite.

    That of course is poor logic and a fallacy! Because since we know God also created Satan as an original angel, and now Satan has lead a life that will cause him to get burned in the lowest pits of hell for all time while we all laugh at him and all sinners forever, we can see that something that is created good can still choose to be bad and pay the price.

    Cats were recruited by Satan many years ago, much the same way Satan recruited some angels to sin and God smacked them all into hell, because they were the vermin of heaven.

    Cats have: 1) been worshipped as false gods in Egypt 2) helped witches cast spells and kill people 3) help Satan spread bad ‘luck’ 4) can be easily possessed by Satanic vapor of demon. The list goes on and on.

    I always find more proof of cats are evil when going online. Last week I even showed everyone evidence of a cat worshipping Satan with a candle ritual. Now today, in this evidence I show you a cat who has used Satan’s powers to hover its yes over a doorhole so it can peer and see if it’s owners were back home yet.

    The owners set up a secret camera when after late at night, they are demonic growls coming from their cat and one time they shone a line it its eyes, and the eyes returned a yellow-red glow which was mirror reflecting the flame covered valleys of hell itself. Warning: The following picture media displays a cat using devil powers to hevitate and see when its ‘owners’ come home. Please immediately pray and demand any wife/children leave the room before viewing.

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