• Facebook Caves to Pakistan Terror Demands

    June 1, 2010 2:08 am 5 comments
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  • Tonight I shake my head in shame at Facebook. They have fallen to the demands of the ayatollah terrors of Pakistan. Facebook has, negotiated with terrorsists.

    Only weeks ago, everyone in America celebrated draw Mohammad day. The Muslims are silly to believe that a man could prophesy so many things and walk around like he was heaven sent, when he wasn’t even ordained by God or real!

    Shame on you, Mark Zuckerberg. What a way to sell out America.

    We do not negotiate with terrorists. America is a land of freedom and opportunity, and in that freedom we reserve the right to make fun of any country and false religions. Our freedom of speech is guaranteed because it’s in our Constitution, which is based on the Bible. It is God’s law.

    Now Facebook has shamed us all and has caved to Pakistan’s demands. I’m going to write an angry letter to Zuckerberg and also alert the Department of Homeland Security about how this negotion has marred our international status of a nation of freedom and independence.

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