• Gay Man Perez Hilton Tweets Miley Cyrus Exposed Sally Jessy Yet Again

    June 25, 2010 1:37 pm 8 comments
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  • Anger is my middle name and it is God’s too today! Today the gay named Perez Hilton has again disrespected the innocent child Miley Cyrus.

    Miley Cyrus is a good girl who is being attacked by Hollywood and the gays. Hollywood wants to use her to corrupt children and pervert her with sinful thoughts! The gays just like attacking children period and just lust all over her!

    So it is no surprise that while this innocent child performs, Perez Hilton licks his chops and takes all these sick pictures of her at inopportune moments, then shares all of them with his gay buddies on Twitters!

    Perez Hilton has tweeted Miley Cyrus’ sally jessy for all to see! He is trying to entice gays with thoughts to attack childrens! I am angry!

    Here is the proof.

    Gays love nothing more than attacking kids and trying to make them think it is normal to be sick in the head and like the same type! That is why they try to attack them young and all that.

    How angry you must be at home, seeing how the gays have now even resorted to publishing paparazzi shots of young children nethers. I am sickened and will be writing to gay agenda headquarters and demand they stop this sick new agenda of theirs. I have warned them once and if they keep it up, will pray God start striking down all their centers and such with great earthquakes, storms and his full wrath! No chance to repent or redemption!

    They have been warned and good folks at home, let’s join together in prayer that God strikes down all gays who have no heart to change from their wicked ways! God’s wrath is a great tool for conversion, so let us pray he rains on their parade and keeps the storm and tribulations coming to them for the sake of our children and also the gay souls who still need saving. Amen.

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