• Gays Continue Their Summer Ice Cream Agenda Times 6

    June 14, 2010 10:08 am 22 comments
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    My friends, for every one gay we let live in our streets, for kids get tricked and then dallied. The proof of this fact is repeatedly stated and cited.

    So now today it should come as no surprise to us parents, to find the gays have unveiled a new line of summer ice creams. They plan to use these cold snacks to entice our children this summer, and send subliminal messages that it is fun for little Johnny to lick the trench coat man’s twiddler rompus after getting into the dark, black van.

    They want kids to think it is normal for little Sarah to dally linger the sallyjessy of Lesbian Sue, the pool lifeguard who may attack our daughters in the changing room.

    The gays are everywhere, parents, and they are using these ice creams to trick your kid with what looks like an innocent summer snack, but instead is just gay viral marketing to make them segue into a life sugar-plummed in anal sins.

    Just look at some of these sick examples found from just touring downtown yesterday:

    Nutty Merlin – A Magic/Gay Ice Cream

    Merlin was the homosexual magician in the Arthurian folklore, a predecessor for the sick Harry Potter films. So with its pink sparkles, you can already guess the angle of this ice cream snack.

    The dire gays call it “Nutty Merlin” and its name is rife with innuendo. It is a reference to a sick act gays perform on each other, called, you guess it, ‘The Nutty Merlin’. It is where they yell out magic words like “Shazam” or “Abacadabra” while jollying each other’s rogers, and then all in pink bed sheets and sparkles because they are sick gays!

    They try to make it seem like a magical experience, but in reality the only thing that will disappear is their souls when God instantly casts these demon whores to hell! The Bible warns against magic and gays, so a magical gay is one of the most foul sinners of all!

    They are trying to remind kids of Harry Potter and magic with this name, because kid’s may think all of that stuff is cool. They don’t know that gays are laughing and just biding their time for every bit a child takes of this ice cream.

    Lesbian Choco Taco

    The lesbians are a crafty people who use foul tactics to make girls choose their bad lifestyle. One of the most common things they do is come up with street names for their secret parts.

    Pearly Oyster, Peach’s Pie, Clam, Taco, Warm Mashmallow and even Bubblelicious. The lesbians use these words so that, girls will associate the need to eat or enjoy a bubble gum, or perhaps even a dessert snack, with the nethers. They wants a food/sex association.

    So it is no surprise that lesbians have crafted a new icecream called the “Choco Taco”. They want to remind girls of two great things to eat: actual Tacos like from Taco Bell, and a nice chocolate.

    Research reveals this is also the name of a fornicated lesbian sex act, where they use mouth tongues to dither each other in their backparts, then lick the secret parts! That is illegal use! It is sick and with a little thinking, you can see where they get the name: “chocolate” and then “the taco”. Appalling.

    Double Nut Dip Deluxe

    This ice cream was created by a gay fashion designer. You can see the gay agenda all over this one, with two phallic ice cream popsicles which are really just frozen Satan scepters.

    The gays again use pink to soften up our sons and then try to make them associate licking this pink ice cream rod with the thoughts of getting cooled down in summer and having a milky ice cream treat.  They do this so when the gay freezes his willie whack and sneaks over to them and says, ‘come try my frozen treat!” it will seem normal.

    I wish this were only 300 years ago, because I would round up the posse and judgment rope, so we could arrest and judge all gays who abduct our children as guilty and then decide how to punish all these sickos, one by one!

    Double Chocolate Dip

    This one is just like the Double Nut Deluxe, but going by the name is probably created for the more urban black market. Gays will recruit from anywhere so none of our sons and daughters are safe, regardless of race, creed, gender, socioeconomic status or even mental prowess.

    Don’t forget that gays excel at things like design and secretaries, so finding ways to market these subliminal ice cream to our children is one of their strong suits. Our children are in danger!

    The ‘Flying Saucer’

    The lesbians have finally put one of their most sick, disgusting and vile bedroom acts to fore. The ‘flying saucer’.

    You hear rumors about this one and I can only imagine it involves acrobatics and ropes, and sprawling sin spreads!

    They are trying to take all of that gross act, and put it into ice cream form so they can entice girls to look more into it. Lesbians are mean, flabby women who want our girls to be okay with growing facial hair and gruff voices.

    Then use their girl parts improperly. This is just sick and I must ask why we allow subliminal marketing, especially when the target victims are our kids. These pictures are just from a stroll, imagine the horror of touring city after city this summer and seeing what ice cream agenda lurks within.

    Parents, protect your children and don’t let them wander off too far. A prowling gay/lesbian is always on the hunt and their bait gets far more crafty every year.

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