• God Strikes Down Lady Gaga for Floozy Leatherpants

    June 23, 2010 9:28 pm 8 comments
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  • The power of God was on display again today my friends, this time over in England as he watched the sinwoman Lady Gaga strut around in sinning leatherpants.

    It is well known that leather pants are the work of Satan. They entice with the skin of a dragon snake, then try to make you all interested in the sweaty skin beneath! This is all sick and sinful, and it figures that this Lady Gaga plays into these pants and tries to wear them with also sinful leather boots and tops.

    I could only wish this were the middle ages, so we could lock this Gaga up in a tower and throw away the key, until he agrees to convert to Christianity and stop trying to mislead childrens away from the cross of the Lord.

    Look at God’s wrath as he causes a full grown human to lose footing for wearing leatherpants!

    Do not test the wrath of God oh sinful one! Stop trying to mislead kids into sinning with devil treats under leather veils and trying to pretend you’s women when really a man!

    Look what happens when God is angered!

    He has cast her down to bow before him!

    Not even the money of a celebrity granted by Satan can make a person immune to the power of God! With just a disgusted snarl of his lip, he makes buckle the knees of Gaga so she will have to go into pray position before the master of the universe!

    Bow down Satan and your sinful children, who try to pervert this generation!

    A shocked crowd is in awe at the power of God and Gaga’s mysterious fall!

    It takes three fully grown men to stand up what God has casually tumbled!

    Learn your lesson, Gaga! No warnings and this is what the liberals think Gaga should be able to expose to your childrens. Veiled twiddle rompusess! Gross! Sick! Gay agenda!

    I Am exhuasted from being so angery over all this. I can hardly see straight because I am sickened at how these liberals think these type of people have any place as ‘entertainers’ for our children and let them buy their music.

    When your child ends up sick with dangerous diseases like scab herpies and bird flu, and they live the transgenetic lifestyle, don’t act all surprised like you were not warned! That is where Gaga music leads and I have shown you all the proof that God has had enough that he makes her crawl prostrate like King Nebuchadnezzar when he was in sin!

    Just look at this sinfest! My eyes!

    Oh what have we done to fall to such a low place, my friends? What have we done? Why do the gays think they can assault us with such fashion horrors and then get away with it?

    I am going to go eat some, soups, crackers, fizzy sodas and then some Pepto Bismol. My stomach is churned and now yours is too. This example

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