• McDonald Launches Another Pro Gay Commercial

    June 2, 2010 2:46 am 21 comments
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    McDonald’s is trying to become known as the burger choice of gays. We should have known better, because there was always something ‘off’ about the way the Hamburglar would giggle and frolic about like a little Japanese school girl when playing a game of ‘run-away’ from Ronald, a grown man who found a way to bait millions of children with “Happy Meals”.

    Finding ways to bait kids is a favorite game of homosexuals. Did you know that for every one gay, four children will be diddled and back bothered? Last week McDonald’s unveiled their ‘gay flavored’ ogre ice cream to tempt children into the restaurant, where an iced milk treat of gay agenda lays waiting by the pint.

    Look at all this compiled evidence:

    Proof 1: McDonald’s Holds Interests in the Gay Agenda: Rick Ellis

    Our worst fears were realized in 2008, when a man named Rick Ellis became the vice president of McDonald’s communications. It was only a few days later that the National Gay Agenda Coalition revealed Rick Ellis was also on their board of directors.

    McDonald’s has a sleeper agent not in their companies, but in every “Happy Meals” box you buy for your children. Every time you buy your child a happy meals and there is a toy with sound, Rick Ellis and the gays whisper in their ears. I am sickended and outraged!

    Proof 2: McDonald’s Buys Into Homosexual Agenda

    Now if this was not enough, we find even more proof of McDonalds becoming gay friendly. As if helping the gays find ways to corrupt children and making them it’s okay to take ‘Happy Meals” toys from a man in a spooky van, we published news that McDonald’s was to be the “pink arches” on our One News Now network.

    This expose angered McDonald’s, because we caught them red handed.  McDonald’s replied with contempt and even became snippy like a typical gay!

    The evidence is stacked high and as a parent, you are confused why a good American company would betray everyone like this. Why must the Golden Arches now stand for a new ploy of the gay agenda. In the following video, we have yet more evidence of McDonald’s gay friendly and therefore a danger to our children. Warning: The following video contains gay agenda. Please first pray and explain the dangers of gays and this video to your children before review.

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