• Mexicans, Cuban Blacks Team Up To Create New “Surra da Bunda” Dance

    June 2, 2010 3:14 am 26 comments
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    As you know, we are currently working to get the illegals out of our country. The two type that sneak here, mostly, are the Mexican and Cuban blacks.

    You all know the Mexicans, with their loud mariachi trucks and refusal to speak American. If you go to Florida, you will find the Cubans.

    Cubans are a bit more veil and you may remember them from when they tried to nuke is in the 1960s by teaming with the Soviets, and then how they lace their cigars with drugs and try to sneak them into America.

    Cubans are more veil and hard to find, as they try to mingle with our Afro-American blacks and try to seem like one of them.

    In my research into how the Mexicans and Cubans are bringing harm to our country by sneaking here via foot, swimming or raft (Cubans), I came across a new dance they just invented and are holding rallies for in the streets.

    You can see their new angle in trying to gain friends here in America. They are forcing their women to become dancing prostitutes and give everyone a sample of a new Satanic dance they have created, called the “Surra de Bunda”. In Cuban it means “devil’s mating dance” and it is similar in Mexican.

    In this dance, a women just asks a random man to sit on the ground. She then turns on her tape player and random third world music plays, as she suddenly does a headstand and then suddenly does an unprecedented gymnast move and wraps her thighs around her victim’s neck!

    She then, does a hand flip and using her thighs, jams the man’s head three times into her secret parts. She jams it hard so it is fully pressed up in all her personal sin and only a thin pair of pants to shielf. Sick!

    They if this were not enough, she then catapults up into the air and spreads apart herself, then lands her spread secret parts right around the man’s twiddle rompus region! She then gyrates until he looks happy with sin!

    Friends, this is just sick. I know these savages have little morals, but now they are using sex acts to try to trick Americans into letting them stay. I could only wish this were 200 years ago and we were still at war, because I would join a battalion to throw all these prostitutes back where they belong!

    They are now soliciting innocent men with sex dances in efforts to not be reported to la migra. If they try to get you with this, just pull out your cellar phone and dial immigration report services and tell on them. This is sick and I am offended. Warning: The following video contains footage of native Mexicans/Cubans showing a new dance, called the Surra de Bunda. They are using this dance to entice American men not to tell on them and to also spread more sin in our nation. Please first pray and then order all women/children to leave the room before reviewing.

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