• Miley Cyrus Kisses A Stripper Lesbian (Video evidence, Picture evidence)

    June 5, 2010 7:58 am 19 comments
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  • Well, well. Colored me surprised. I warned everyone I saw the tell-tell signs: dances with blacks, strip dancing with grown men, wild Hollywood lifestyle and exposing milksacks to the Queen of England and camera toe too.

    I warned all these sins would lead Miley Cyrus straight to a life of hard drugs, being a whore demon and even worse a lesbian. Now we see my prophecy for this young girl has unfortunately come true. Miley Cyrus has now kissed a lesbian woman and has now exited the boulevard for the highway to hell. Warning: The following video media contains footage of Miley Cyrus engaging in lesbian acts for an audience. Please immediately pray and have women/children cover ears, turn away before viewing.

    All I can do is weep a bit and wag my head in shame. A girl with such a talented voice could be a great Christian artist for devotional and worship music. Instead, we see she is now joining the rinks of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, or far worse even the devilwhore Olivia Munn who exposed uncrossed legs and mouth’s hotdog sex acts for attention from boys.

    Miley Cyrus knows being a lesbian is wrong. Somewhere down in this child there is still some good. After mouth kissing the lesbian stripper yesterday, Miley Cyrus was found in Los Angeles and she was wearing a shark costume.

    Miley Cyrus was walking around in this costume as she did her daily routine of shopping for food and clothes, because she was ashamed of her sins. Miley Cyrus tried to veil herself from God’s eyes, much like Adam in the garden of Eden when God’s voice was walking around and saying:

    “Adam, oh Adam, why are you hiding from me?”

    Adam says, “Because I heard your voice and was afraid, because I ate forbidden fruit and now know I am naked.”

    Miley, oh Miley, why are you doing sinful tongue acts with lesbians?

    Adam tried to hide his sin from God with fig leaves, and Miley, with a shark head eating an arm costume.

    My dear friends, God hates a cheerful sinner, and there is no one more cheerful than the lesbians. They love their lifestyle because they think they can have all the pleasures of a man, yet still use the woman card when it is convenient. They try to have the best of both worlds and God does not ordain or condone this behavior.

    The heart of Miley is still innocent and that is why she hides behind her secret mask, trying to cover up the sins she committed last night. She does not want us to know her secret sins but we have video and image evidence.

    Today, let us not use this evidence to curse her name for potentially trying to make her young, impressionable fans think being a lesbian is hip or cool, or even normal, but instead pray this child gets delivered from this sadistic lifestyle of sadness, depressions, drugs and death.

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