• Miley Cyrus Reveals Naked Camera Toe On Stage (picture evidence)

    June 1, 2010 6:39 pm 30 comments
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  • I am really confused here but apparently Miley Cyrus has now taken another step in the wrong direction. There is a type of skanker picture teens are taking and phone messaging to each other called camera toes.

    What happens here is that young women are sickly pulling up their blouse pants and then, making it so they get a wedgie in their front nethers. They are exposing the cups around their secret parts, so that men and boys can see the outline. It is a new way to tantalize and it is disgusting!

    Why must Hollywood encourage our youth to do these things? Instead of trying to find out new ways to expose their secret parts to all the world, young women should be focused on developing their life skills that will be so important when they find a good man to marry and raise a family.

    I really fear for this Miley Cyrus and it is so obvious that she needs a good family and role model in her life. She is revealing herself like this due to daddy issues, and she just wants the attention of men. My heart is burdened and I will contact social work to see if there is any way my wife and I can adopt this girl and maybe put her back into the right track.

    I weep when reading this and you probably will too, because as a parent it is just so hard to know the children are so heart sad and no good family to help them. Only Hollywood lies and you’ll need a weeping tissue for this after because it makes the heart just really down and sad. Warning: The following image contains Miley Cyrus doing a camera toe photo shoot. Immediately order any women/children to leave the room before reviewing for discussion with your parenting group.

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