• New Dangerous Subculture: Teen Werewolves

    June 14, 2010 11:05 am 20 comments
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  • Twilight is a scary book series which teaches children how to do vampire cult rituals. After seeing Twilight, teens are at least 30% more likely to become enraged and partake in bizarre acts and violence.

    Only last year, in Des Moines, Iowa, a 13-year-old boy went on a biting spree and with daily spurts of unprecedented strength and quickness, was able to brutally bite eleven classmates.

    The Des Moines Register covered this shocking story, which reveals the boy’s bizarre behavior started after watching the movie Twilight. The boy’s father said his son had never done such things, and only started to do so after watching Twilight.

    In Lake Stevens, Washington, tragedy struck after a large group of school children went to see Twilight. Teachers and school administrators began to notice bizarre behavior among the children: shying away from light, wearing dark colors and sneaking off to the nearby wood during recess time between classes.

    Then one day, two children did not return from recess. The children were figured missing or abducted, but were purportedly found deep within the nearby wood.

    Sources reveal that a girl who watched Twilight, several times, enticed one of the victims — a boy — to follow her into the woods after giving him a mystic hug. In a lull, the boy followed but when he reached the wooded area, was accosted by the lot of school children who watched Twilight earlier in the week. They savaged the boy’s neck with multiple bites, and they did the same to the second victim.

    When the initiating truth to this story broke in the Daily Herald, there was a rightful furor and panic within the town. After the scary and bizarre account started to gain national traction, school officials were suddenly ordered to deny all claims and media reports, as if these events never transpired.

    There was no silencing the people of this small town, however, and the people of the Lake Stevens community know that Twilight made their town awash with vampires. Twilight lulled their children into a vampire mind-state.

    So it is with no surprise that today we find a new spreading danger among the teenage cohort: werewolfism. Even as students are enjoying summer break, officials throughout the nation are recording bizarre events where ‘packs’ of teens are seen running around wildly at night, nipping at people unfortunate enough to be out. The behavior has been most noted during full moons.

    Rural communities have reported the incidence of teens attacking their chicken coops, making away with frantically flailing chickens who only leave behind a trail of loosened feathers of despair in their wake. Only last night in Brooklyn, two young women were overpowered and bitten by a man with ‘oblonged pointy ears, yellowish eyes and sharp teeth’. One managed to escape, and according to initial reports, one is still missing.

    It is no coincidence that the new Twilight movies now also feature werewolves, and as we can see, there is already a burgeoning statistic for children who are practicing wolf-like behavior. We can only expect this dangerous trend and crime-style to increase. In the following video, we take a more in-depth look and analysis of this dangerous new Twilight Werewolf trend.

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