• Pregnant Batman, Superman Headline Newest Gay Comic Agenda

    June 14, 2010 2:33 pm 11 comments
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    Comics are packets of liberal propaganda.

    We’ve abundantly warned how comics are destroying childhood with a rampant homogay agenda, as characters such as Superman,  Spiderman, Bat-man and even Wonder Women having gay/lezzi moments.

    Then just months ago, anger was expressed when comic creators teamed up for a ABC handbook of sin, just right after we prayed to have their sin factory scan comic site, Scans Daily, shut down by the hand of God. God got tired of them freely posting their comic filth on the internet and banned them.

    Now after all this, we see the creators of comics are still not deterred. They dare to still rise up against our prayers and financial embargoes. We boycott their sin and they still try to find covert ways to peddle it to our children.

    On Myspace, every child reportedly received the following image in their Myspace Email box. It says, “open up for an awesome hero surprise Batman and Superman like never before!” to tempt kids to open the email from an unknown ‘sender’.

    When kids open it, they are in for a world of surprise and danger. Parents, did you know that over 14% of children on Myspace are accosted by a stranger every minute of every day. Myspace has been responsible for child snatchings and exploitation exposure.

    When you see the following images and how gays are trying to trick your children into gay marriage, you will be sickened and anger. Remember this is what comics are all about and you must be vigilant on having your children print you out every part of their Myspace site so you can read all these stranger messages.

    Then, make sure they also have no comics in their room unless you want them to die of AIDS or even worse with everyone knowing they are sin childs. Warning: The following image is part of the gay agenda. This image riles your anger and demand all children leave the room before reviewing with your wife. Discuss the dangers of this and how to ban your child from Myspace and have them join a proper Christian network like ShoutLife.com or ChristWire Social.

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