• President George W. Bush Finally Speaks

    June 6, 2010 12:31 pm 11 comments
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  • United States President George W. Bush has finally spoken out. After remaining silent since Barack Hussein Obama assumed office and claimed he could lead America, President Bush has had enough and is once again giving his sage wisdom and leadership to America.

    President Bush is a man of action and decision; he knows what is best for America and does not cater to the whims of polls or the press. President Bush uses his pulpit as an executive and only takes orders from the highest order: God. This is how our Christian nation should be lead.

    A dignified leader, President George W. Bush kept a low profile and tried to help Obama smoothly transition into office, despite his gut instinct to warn America it had made a grave mistake by not voting for United States Senator and family man, a good man of honor and duty, John McCain.

    This week, however, after Obama has now betrayed America to BP Oil (in addition to Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, China, Russia, international law which destroys our sovereignty and corporate interests), President Bush came out and vigorously defended the honor and needs of America.

    President Bush defended America’s right as global leader and to protect itself from terrorism, instead of Obama’s apologetic methods with a latent agenda to strip America’s power and to siphon our prestige and might to foreign, Muslim and socialist interests.

    At a Grand Rapids, Mich., forum last night, President Bush was asked about his decision to waterboard al Qaeda terrorists. President Bush was asked about how waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed really helped America and if he’d do it again.

    President Bush stated, “I would do it again if it meant saving lives.”

    President Bush knows the duty of the American president is one: protect America.

    President Bush kept America safe. He cares about your family and your children. Obama will sell you out to even the worst of terrorists, and not do what is necessary to keep our country safe.

    When asked about invading the former Ali Baba-esque terror center of Iraq, to wipe out their weapons of mass destruction and ultimately destroy the genocidal maniac Saddam Hussein, who Barack Hussein would have defended, President Bush replied:

    It ‘was the right thing to do, and the world is a better place without him.’

    George W. Bush, the leader of the free world and defender of America. George W. Bush, a true president. The words of President Bush are refreshing, a sharp contrast to Obama’s rhetoric which is a steady flow of hot air with no meaning, as Obama’s chief interest is not protecting America’s sovereignty and might.

    President Bush understood the threat of Islam. After 9/11, President Bush realized that our Christian nation had to defend itself against the threat of Jihad and Islamic hadith which targeted America as the great enemy, and therefore, required those of Muslim faith to terror attack our nation and people at all costs.

    President Bush knows America has nothing for which to apologize. We have every right to defend ourselves as necessary; to properly respond to every threat and averse situation the actions of our enemies have put us in. America does not need to apologize for the hard calls it makes to keep itself safe.

    Thank you, President George W. Bush, and please, continue to speak the truth. America will always need you and men like you at the helm. Men of honor and duty, with never-ending respect and devotion to our land of freedom.

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