• Super Obama Seeking “Ass To Kick”

    June 8, 2010 12:01 pm 8 comments
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    You can always tell when someone is desperate, because they start grandstanding. The latest example: Barack Hussein Obama.

    Obama has messed up with the BP oil spill. This disaster is literally the straw that broke the camel’s back of the American voter.

    As if it wasn’t bad enough that we’ve endured Obama recklessly spending our money, aborting our children, giving aide to terrorists such as Hamas and even scrapping NASA itself, now he adds the worst oil spill in American history to his long resume of utter incompetence and being a breathing Judas!

    Obama betrays America, but then when the heat gets turned up a few degrees we see he even turns his back on his overlords at BP oil. Even though he’s played soft with them in the face of crisis, likely so he can gain favor with oil money, now that we the American people have caught on he is trying to backpeddle and act tough.

    In an interview last night, Obama vowed he would seek the “ass to kick” of whoever is responsible for this oil spill. Like he should have been doing months ago.

    When America was attacked by Islam on 9/11, our President George W. Bush vowed to ‘smoke the terrorists out of their holes, and hunt them down in each of their caves’. He did so. We hunted those lowlifes and they trembled in fear!

    President Bush was loyal to America, Obama is not. He’s just talking a big game, a big bark that belongs to a double-agent Soviet dog who’s really a cat burglar in disguise! Obama is a veil wolf in sheep’s skin, with no loyalty to America.

    In the following video, Obama tries to sound like he really cares about America and is really biding his time, seeking to find out who spilled all the oil. Guess what, Obamo? I know the answer. BP OIL!

    Why is not the ass of each of their executives kicked! President Bush would have already had their to the pyre and in the court of public condemnation! Obama tried to help them keep media away from the spill!

    You are not super, Obama, but a dud! Get out of our White House! 2012 is your last year, Judas, because we’re voting for a real president who loves America and does not have to grandstand to cover up for his lack of concern for our CHristian nation under God!

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