• Twitter Confirmed: Bert From Sesame Street is A Gay

    June 12, 2010 3:25 am 16 comments
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    For years now I have warned everyone about Sesame Street. I warned parents that this show is gay agenda and even worse the entire liberal agenda: drug use, talking animals, illegal Mexicans allowed, vampires and atheism.

    The least veiled agenda on Sesame Street however was always though, the gays and their agenda to corrupt our children so they can dally them from behind when older! Sickos!

    Sesame Street had characters named Bert and Ernie. These were two grown men who ‘lived together’ and wore rainbow color shirts. We all know the gays love rainbows, because it makes children think of sunshine and happiness bunnies, when in reality, that rainbow is the harbringer of a lifestyle that thunders with death, disease and destruction.

    Let us look upon how we know there was something awry:

    If that was not proof enough, then consider how in every other episode, Bert and Ernie take a bubble bath with each other! They wash each other with soaps and then play rubber duckies.

    They feed each other spaghetti and take long walks together in their neighborhood. I have never been so sick! Sickos!

    The Bible makes it abundantly clear that those who bring harm upon our children, shall suffer the worst of fates. And all gays are already hellbound! So I can only imagine the horrors facing all behind this Bert and Ernie.

    Well twitters proved what we all knew all along. Bert and Ernie are a part of the homogay agenda and please parents, let us ban PBS and ban our children from watching the Sesame Street program.

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