• US Economy Continues to Plummet, Obama To Blame

    June 4, 2010 3:43 pm 9 comments
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  • There it is. Our once mighty American economy. It is in shambles.

    Barack Hussein Obama promised America that he would get us out of “Bush’s” mess. Barack Hussein Obama claimed that by spending trillions of our dollars to illegally bail out banks and have the government buy businesses, we would see an increase in jobs and national product.

    Barack Hussein Obama lied.

    Senator John McCain (R., AZ) warned Obama was without a real plan, but only flowery words and a false sense of hope. Americans were desperate and they went with the silver-tongued demagogue, whose power was only fortified by biased coverage from the liberal media.

    As our economy falls into shambles, Obama tries to hide behind a mound of dirty lies. Obama claims employment is increasing, when the fact is that it is actually hand-crafted government jobs, like census workers, that account for any gains seen in job increases.

    In reality, we still have 9.7 unemployment, and this is after massive ‘bailouts’ that will cripple the American economy and taxpayer’s pockets for years to come.

    And even at that, Obama is even telling lies about the number of people his ‘census’ endeavor has brought into employment.

    Government Jobs Account for 95% of May Job Increases…
    Census Worker Claims Job Numbers Being Inflated…

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