• World Cup Soccer 2010: England versus USA

    June 12, 2010 1:02 pm 4 comments
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  • For years now, America has been the undisputed champion in most sports. Be it baseball, football or basketball, or even one of the lesser sports, America holds the dominant hand.

    There is one ‘sport’, however, that enjoys prime status worldwide and we have not yet dominated. It is called soccer (incorrectly called football in the lesser nations).

    It is sort of a sissy sport of sorts, where people are forced to use only legs and run around for hours — sort of like a marathon with a ball that occasionally shows up. The droll nature of this sport is the exact reason why America has opted to not yet dominate, but other lands such as Kenya, the Mexicans and even England train all their youth to love this sport and to play it for hours on end.

    Really, if you even live in a bigger city, just go out to your local park and observe: you’ll see at least 20 pack illegals just out there running their marathon and a ball somewhere in the madness.

    So normally, I would not give two hoots about soccer and do a sport’s report on it, but today my friends, is an event going on called the World Cup. It apparently happens every year and is some big deal everywhere, like a holiday over in the Europes, Mexico and further south and into the Africas and Australia. All of them! The Asians too and even terrorists have a team.

    But today, in the sports stream I saw that England will be playing the USA. America.

    There is never a good reason to not watch America versus England. The first time we showed off head to head, America defeated England and told them to get out of our country! The Revolutionary War left the score total America: 1 England 0.

    Then, during the War of 1812, England again was humbled. They even received a red card for hiring illegal Canadians and Indians to help them sneak into our country and burn down our White House! Due to violating the rules of war in the wake of their defeat, American 2: England 0.

    It stayed like this for years, we’ve schooled England in many different sports (war, gamings, economy) and even saved them from defeat at the hands of the NAZIs and Japos, who coincidentally, both have soccer teams as well.

    At any rate, I will keep an eye on this match today and be prepared to tick up yet another victory for America! America is the greatest at soccer, even though we really don’t care about it! Bless our nation and our team today, Lord, as we show England again why we are the best.

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