• 2011 Ford Explorer, A True Car For True Americans

    July 26, 2010 11:04 am 15 comments
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  • Buy American. Buy Ford. Chevy too.

    In this tough economy, it is important to remember what makes America great. The people. And there is one thing that defines America: quality.

    Be it war, our love for our God and Christian heritage and our values like freedom, we are quality through and through. It stands to reason that American companies make quality products, and in my opinion, there is none finer than Ford.

    Several weeks ago, you witnessed a video where by the power of God, I was able to lift a refrigerator over my head and into my American truck. You can hardly tell I put the fridge down upon the truck because of God’s power and also the quality craftmanship of an American car product.

    I have extra pocket change after sending my children back to school for this Fall, and my boy at Harvard insists on footing his own bill. So with my extra luxury money I am going to treat myself to a new 2011 Ford Explorer. Why?

    First, look at the beauty of this car on Wall Street Journal. Ford’s CEO wanted to create an SUV that all Americans could like, and he has outdone himself. It is sleek, efficient and powerful, all in one.

    The 2011 Ford Explorer is not a gas glugger, like foreign SUVs. This car has a four cylinder fuel-efficient ecoengine, but due to technological progress the engine handles like a hyped V6 powerhouse . As if this were not enough, it is spacious and comes chock full of great features, cds, power seats, variable are controll, ABS and more as standard.

    The Explorer is where it is at and for the nation that was ordered to Manifest Destiny by virtue of our superiority, this is a car that belongs in any true American garage.

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