• A Veil Wolf: The Obama Deception

    July 17, 2010 3:06 am 12 comments
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  • My friends, Obama is a veil wolf in a sheep’s skin. Do not fall victim to The Obama Deception.

    Obama wants everyone to believe that he is a truly elected president. Obama wants everyone to pretend like he had nothing to do with the tragic BP Oil Spill and the destruction of America’s pristine gulf coast.

    Why is it that Obama has come into office, marriages have fallen more than ever and our troops are fighting two unwanted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Why is it that tragedies befall our nation schools while unemployment skyrockets?

    All of these things have happened with Obama in office, and Obama wants to deceive us to think that he is not responsible for any of it.

    How sick is it with all this guilt on his shoulders, Obama just shrugs and tries to blame his sins upon our moral and sage leader, President George W. Bush.

    President George W. Bush is a man who has a heart for God. President Bush loves his country and President Bush loves freedom.

    President George Walker Bush opens his heart to God and lets him fill it with wisdom, which is why he was able to lead us with divine grace and nobility.

    Obama is a great deceiver! A snake in the grass, slithering among a nest of innocent bunnies. Obama has no morals and will devour whoever is not wise enough to yell “Impeach, impeach!” the moment they see him slither within earshot.

    My friends, let us make Satan sad today by letting Obama know we will either impeach him for his sins, or vote a better man into office in 2012.

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