• Anna Fermova Pictures: The New Face of Secret Russian Spy in America

    July 28, 2010 9:00 am 11 comments
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  • Liberals would like us to believe that Russia is not a threat to America. Democrats try to pretend like Russia did not:
    1) support NAZI Germany until it was in their best interest and fear to join America during World War II
    2) once have 5,000 nukes aimed our our Christian nation of peace
    3) did not try to again sneak nukes into Cuba, as to launch a secret attack upon Florida and gain a foothold so they could advance to DC and overtake our White House
    4) did not try to claim the moon for themselves
    5) support terrorists
    6) be communist
    7) tried to take out President Reagan
    8) launched death lasers into space during the 1960s, against international accords
    9) disband Christianity and make atheism their national religion
    10) seperate Germany by a crude wall until President Reagan, backed by the power of God, demanded they tear the wall down…

    The sins of Soviet Russia go on and on. They are and forever will be against America, because Russians hate freedom. They are jealous of America, because at one point their dark armies thought they could match America’s might and glory, that is until God used his lieutenants upon Earth, Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan, to tear down even the stone cold might of the Communist Russian Star Empire.

    Now licking their wounds, the Russians still do their best to take out America. They do it now by increasing the amount of spies in our nation, to steal our nuclear secrets and find new chinks in our armor, to find Judas’ in the highest echelons of our government. One of Russia’s spies, a potential spy named Anna Fermova, used her wiles to corrupt American men with untold of and unimaginable methods and then when they are lazy with sin, get information and national secrets from them.

    Look upon the new soldier of Russia and to think, they would have their women stoop to such lows so as to get a foothold into our nation’s government and the secrets to our great power over the other nation’s of Earth. Fermanova is accused of stealing our holy night vision technology, used to expose our enemies as they try to hide themselves away under the shroud of darkness.

    This troubling news comes only weeks after we found another secret Russian woman, going by the name of Chapman, highlighted another ring of Russian spies sent here to collect our technology and information, then send it back to their ‘Mother Russia’. We cannot allow these secret Russians in our nation, as much as demons have no place in heaven, communists have no place in freedom.

    Now we see that much like Homegrown Terrorists, there are now Homegrown Soviets and they can be the cute, beautician girl next door in your small Texas hometown. This means just as our wise Senator Joe McCarthy warned, we must remain resolute against communism and keep lists of anyone who suspect to be Soviets, and submit these lists to the NSA so that we can keep tabs on all suspsected communists.

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