• Baby Beyonce: Proof of Dangerous Music!

    July 1, 2010 10:35 am 9 comments
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    Oh my friends, today God is angry and I am angry too. As I searched YouTube for even more videos to complain about and warn you about today, my anger scorched everything in my path!

    When I viewed this video I could sense God’s anger too! Satan has been allowed to cause a little baby to jive in sin!

    She shakes her bundadunks in pullup trainers! She exposes a chest! Then she turns to the camera and shakes more!

    Her Dad roots her on!

    I am not sure if this is common in all African-American households, but please Afro parents out there, do not let your daughter listen to Beyonce Knowles!

    She entices with exposed carmel as legs and then tries to entice all to take a taste of sin! My prayers broke apart her first group Destiny’s Child and they shall prevail here too!Warning: The work of Satan is nigh! A child influenced by Beyonce shakes around in sin and promotes all sorts of unholy dances in this video while being rooted on! Warn your parenting group and order all women/children out before review!

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