• Barack Obama Becomes New Mexican god

    July 1, 2010 9:05 pm 9 comments
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    Ra. Quezehotl. Allah. Zeus. All false gods and we already proved how months ago, Barack Obama was prophesied in an Egyptian tomb.

    Well now, we see this image above where Obama is using his Satan powers to produce two Mexican birds in his hands.

    According to ancient legend, the Mexicans prayed to their false god and a ancient priest said when they find an eagle, eating a snake upon a rock, then that is the place to build their swine flu city.

    The ancient prophecy said one day their dark Lord would emerge and try to allow them to sneak into the kingdom of the Lord. That kingdom is clearly America and the Mexicans were obviously praying to Satan and he revealed this information to their ancients.

    Now we see the prophecy is fulfilled and as I warned months ago, Obama is an avatar of the false god and false priest Kar, who is supposed to be whose soul Obama represents.

    In the video, you can see Obama in the ancient pyramids and I had already predicted all of this years ago when I had my prayers.

    Obama may not quite be the antichrist but he certainly is helping the Mexicans try to fulfill their ancient evil edicts from Satan.

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