• Barack Obama “Loses” $8.7 Billion Dollars of American Money

    July 28, 2010 7:46 am 11 comments
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  • BAGHDAD – A new U.S. audit has revealed that Barack Obama cannot account for over 95 percent of $9.1 billion in money meant for reconstruction in Iraq. These new findings confirm concerns from the Iraqi government that despite alleged US funding, they have little to show for it. There is $8.7 billion missing and Obama is claiming that he does not know where the money went.

    Obama is trying to make officials at the Pentagon his ‘fall-guy’. The $8.7 billion is not part of the $53 billion that the Democratic Congress has already given to Iraq for rebuilding. While American suffers, we have over $60 billion of our tax dollars put into Iraq this year, and Obama is claiming that $10 billion of it has just ‘magically’ come up missing.

    “Iraq should take legal action to get back this huge amount of money,” said Sabah al-Saedi, chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee. Al-Saedi went on to say that the money “should be spent for rebuilding the country and providing services for this poor nation.”

    Without funding to secure basic amenities to life, water and electricity to infrastructure, the future of Iraq remains uncertain. The last elections in the nation were inconclusive. Insurgents remain resolute in their efforts to cause unrest through terror. Only last night, a female suicide bomber killed six and injured dozens more in the holy city of Karbala.

    Barack Obama is already losing money in Iraq through poor oversight, and with added corruption, is causing the people of Iraq to suffer. Obama is exploiting the taxpayers of America by ‘losing’ our money and using it for his own greedy ends.

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