• Barack Obama Tries to Refudiate My Claims!

    July 19, 2010 1:35 pm 2 comments
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    Barack Hussein Obama is a liar! He tries to refudiate my claims that he is destroying our country’s economy when the fact is that he is giving away money for free to the poor! My anger is riled!

    My colleagues and I simply ask one question, Hussein. Where are the jobs?

    Why are we spending billions of dollars on revatalizing the economy, when the only economies on Earth that are growing, are:

    1. Chinese Communists
    2. European Aggressors, who violate the Monroe Doctrime.
    3. The Oil Terrorists
    4. Even the Africans/South Mexicans

    My friends, you can see what’s going on here. Obama is trying to soften us up, so all those listed above can pick us apart and pick the meat off our ribs.

    Obama, please resign from your sham presidency. Have you no decency in your heart or spirit? Just let us be, and let a real true man from the GOP — like our noble leader President George W. Bush or even better President Ronald Reagan, a man who was even worthy for George Bush to look upon.

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