• Can Black People Have White Babies? Nigerian Couple Stuns With Blonde, Blue-Eyed Newborn

    July 24, 2010 7:40 pm 65 comments
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  • white baby in black family

    In a very interesting development flying in the face of today’s accepted biology science, a black Nigerian couple gave birth to a beautiful white-skinned, blue-eyed and blonde-haired baby this week. The scene was certainly shocking and newspapers in England, where the family now lives, have been questioning how this could possibly happen. Investigators are looking at the background of the parents– Ben and Angela Ihegboro– but have so far determined they have absolutely zero white ancestors. They’re conducting DNA tests and quizzing the wife about her fidelity. But one aspect that has not been addressed by the mainstream media is that the couple are devout Christians.

    The child has been named Nmachi, which means “Beauty of God” in their language. She is adorable and smiling, a perfect bundle that any happy American family would be pleased to welcome into their home. This is indeed a precious miracle for a couple that certainly knows and loves their Savoir. Could this be some sort of sign from God? Could the child be a reward for their service and their prayers? Only He knows the answer but that answer may just prove to be the key to black-white relations not only in Africa but in America as well.

    The United States has had a difficult history with civil rights. From our early flirtations with slavery to the troubles of the 1960s, blacks and whites have not seen eye to eye. Interestingly enough, it was Bill Cosby who represented the end of racism to many in America when his “Cosby Show” became the highest-rated prime time program on television. Many believed the hit series depicted a new reality, where the black middle class had grown strong and accepted.

    republicans and the end of racism

    The idea that we have moved beyond race is even more prevalent today now that we have a black president in Barack Obama. Yet even for his part, Obama has only furthered the backbone of racism in America and in his own party. It was, of course, not a Democrat but a Republican who firmly ended slavery in 1865. Republican President Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as one of the greatest men in the fight against racism with his Emancipation Proclamation. The Southern Democrats countered in vicious ways, undermining the efforts of Lincoln’s Reconstruction in the South for over a hundred years. Even in the 1960s, President Johnson’s Civil Rights Act could never had been enacted into law were in not for the help of Republican members of Congress (see “Credit Where Credit Is Due: The Republicans Passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act”). Southern Democrats were just not ready to accept progress and equal rights. (For more on the Conservative Movement’s contribution to civil rights, download the Republican Freedom Calendar here!)

    Today’s Democrats have certainly changed their tactics. Seeing that they need every demographic to inflate their camp, they have unscrupulously courted black voters while at the same time demonstrating a subtle anti-black racism. Take Senator Robert C. Byrd for example. Until his recent death, he was one of the Senate’s most powerful Democrats. He was also a former member of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). This racism was also clearly evident in the relationship between Democrats and black people all through the 70s and 80s. During that time, it had become such a tradition that black people vote Democrat that they were simply taken for granted, expected to vote for the party and given no political rewards for the effort. Given such a harsh and checkered history, it is shocking to many conservatives that Mr. Obama has not owned up to the racism inherent in his party and that he has not offered an apology. In fact, race is the one issue that Obama seems to sidestep at every turn, intent on keeping the status quo shamefully intact.

    white baby in black family

    Back in England, the Nigerian couple have been giving interviews and trying to refute the bizarre theories thrown their way. (Even homosexual activists are trying to “sashay” in on the topic.) No, the child is not albino (it would have white hair and pink eyes, not blonde hair and blue eyes). Evolutionists are saying it’s a genetic “mutation” and that it shows how humans evolved from black people. But this does not hold up to the evolutionists own philosophy whereby they imagine change and mutation happening subtly over millions of years. You do not see such great advances in humanity in just one birth under the “evolution” theory. Also, if it were the case that white human beings evolved from black people, wouldn’t there be no black people left? If the black people of Africa had white babies every once in awhile, wouldn’t the black race fall and the white race rise in population numbers, finally becoming extinct after thousands of years of white births? Again, the “evolution” theory shows its faults.

    It’s important at this point to return to the faith of the couple and ponder what it means. The Lord our God changed the world with one miraculous birth, an immaculate conception. Could this be another miracle child? Time will only tell, but it does certainly prove to Christians that the power of prayer brings blessings. It also shows that black and white are essentially not so different, if one type can give birth to the other. Are we not all connected in our faith of the same God? Are we all not humbled before his Glory?

    This is the important lesson for America. In a time when our spirits are down, when joblessness is threatening the worst sorts of immorality on our population, when our country is divided over the radical social engineering that some members of our government are trying to foist upon us in the face of our Constitutional civil liberties, maybe it’s time that we return to our roots and basic traditions. Maybe it’s time we appreciate the incredible gift of life that God has given us, whether we’re black or white. What if tomorrow a white couple gives birth to a black child, would that not show that we are all immutable before God? That we share in his spirit? I am gratified that this Christian couple has given America a symbol, a testament to the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just look at that beautiful blonde little girl, who could not adore such a face? Tiny, blue-eyed Nmachi reminds of all that we need to put our faith forward right now in our daily lives for He is truly watching.


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