• Cat Gives Birth to A Dog In Georgia

    July 29, 2010 1:35 pm 42 comments
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    A cat has given birth to a dog here in Georgia. I am ashamed and can only wish there was any other explanation, but it has all of us scientists baffled. It does seem radiation is responsible for this abomination.

    Before getting into the back story here, I do want to state that I have already checked to see if there were any temporary job positions opened with State Wildlife that would allow me to put this monstrosity out of existence. My supervisor here told me no and said there are no federal or even local positions outside of our wildlife office, so there’s that. I tried.

    The owner of the cat is just as shocked and outraged as everyone else should be. She apparently thought that pure interspecies mingling was to blame, but that has been ruled out as a sole cause. Radiation of some sort is the most likely of initiating events for creating this demented beast and I hope they both die, mother and pup.

    It may seem cruel but it is not natural for a cat to give birth to a dog. In the video you see the cat and dog trying to act like everything is fine and normal, as the puppy nurses from the cats feline milks. Then we see them just lay there as if the dog should not be getting taught how to chase and eat a cat, or at least scare up the sinful creature.

    These animals are diseased with radiation and once we have the official documentation, I’ll draft a letter to my higher-ups at the wildlife commission so we can start efforts to either permanently isolate these animals or even better go ahead and put them down and out of their misery. Here’s the video, ensure there are no children around to see this before reviewing it.

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