• Chelsea Clinton Wedding: The $5 Million Dollar Spectacle

    July 31, 2010 2:25 pm 10 comments
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  • As many of you may know, today adulterer Bill Clinton and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have a daughter and she is getting married: you remember this child as Chelsea Clinton.

    America faces its toughest hour. Our economy has been in shambles since the disaster of 9/11, of which Bill Clinton holds sole blame.

    Instead of going his winky willowed by his interns, Bill Clinton should have paid more attention to terror. He dropped the ball and cut funding to our military. Clinton did not do the necessary things to keep America safe and our Christian leader and President, George W. Bush, was forced to clean up the mess.

    Now, still without even atoning for his sins, Bill Clinton has the audacity to throw a $5 million dollar wedding for his daughter. Hillary Clinton, who should be out defending our interests and doing her job, is throwing lavish weddings for the spoiled daughter. This is a slap in the face to the 27 million jobless Americans. While America struggles with mortgages, debt, trying to feed our families and just make ends meet, the Clintons are throwing a wedding for their daughter. This wedding costs more that what people make in a lifestime.

    Just because I am so bitter about this wedding, I am praying to God that it does not go smoothly and perhaps Chelsea will trip and break her nose, then stand up crying and hiding her face as her nose is swollen. Perhaps the groom will get lost and not be found and Chelsea will cry, thinking the wedding is all a flop. Now that would bring happiness to my heart.

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