• Chinese Create New Zelda Skyward Sword Wii Game To Corrupt Children

    July 20, 2010 4:18 pm 20 comments
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  • These crafty Chinese have once again used their meticulous little hands to craft video game evil. They have createa a new demon game entitle Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Wii platform.

    This game is a threat to all our children. At their ChinaCon festival they announced the power of this new game, that will use the Nintendo Wii virtual controller system.

    They will make children pretend to be the protagonist of the game, and elfin child named “Link”. Link is Chinese for “gay elf” and you can see, they make try to make your child pretend to be a gay elf who wields a sword (Satan scepter) and has to do magic rituals to complete the game and fornicate with another gay elf named Zelda, who sometimes crossdresses as a man name Sheik.

    This game is meant to cause confusion in our sons and make them weak, so when the Chinese come over to attack us with their terror armies all our video game wielding sons can think to do is frolic around like a dainty elf child and play their fantasy games when in reality, the Chinese have been training their children in intense war games.

    You’ll see all these facts as clear as day in the following trailer video for Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword, for Wii. When this game is released, I will go ahead and contact the American Family Association and CC so we can issue a level 4 boycott, code yellow.

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